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I'll Be There For You is a new podcast about pop culture and coping, named for the FRIENDS theme song or the Bon Jovi anthem, depending on your taste.

In each episode, host Lindsay Eanet talks with a person she admires about one or two pieces of pop culture that have gotten them through a difficult time, either personally or in a broader, more global “state of the world” context. She loves talking to people about things they love, and hopes this show will also be an opportunity to explore the strategies we use to cope and care for ourselves when the world is literally on fire, and how pop culture can shine a light on those methods and even help us make a better, more empathetic world. If you care about the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and the melting ice caps, this podcast is for you.

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    #IBTFYandFriends (Live from PODSLAM 2019 w/Jeremy Owens)

    IBTFY was honored to be a part of Podslam 2019, Arcade Audio's annual podcast marathon for Connor's Cure. We were especially honored to have one of our favorite funny Chicagoans, Jeremy Owens of You're Being Ridiculous, at iO with us to talk about the Bravo'verse and coping. And yes, there were two Bravoverse episodes in a row. It's fine.

    Donations are still open for Podslam's 2019 Fundraiser for Connor's Cure! Help us fight childhood cancer! http://jimmyv.convio.net/site/TR?team_id=3180&fr_id=1521&pg=team

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    Full Face, Beachy Waves (Madonna & RHONY with John Sundholm)

    We're back! Comedian, writer and Internet legend John Sundholm discusses navigating family life, mental health, coming out & his fandom of Madonna through the ages & many reinventions, and the joys of coping and escapism with the Real Housewives of New York.

    Topics include: Your first Madonna experiences, the Blonde Ambition tour, what's the best Madonna song and why is it "Hung Up," AIDS activism, family relationships & dysfunctions, mental health everything, the inherent queerness of reality TV, Disaster Bisexual Sonja Morgan, rating the dog funerals on RHONY & more.

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    We Were All Rooting for You (Divas with Archy Jamjun)

    (Heads up: Apologies in advance for some echoey/muffled bits on this one, it was our first recording with a new setup and we were still working out the bugs. We did our best to remediate and Archy was such a wonderful guest that we think you'll enjoy it anyway.)

    Archy Jamjun is a hilarious and caring storyteller, curator and teacher, who helps run OUTSpoken, Chicago's LGBT storytelling night, the first Tuesday of every month at Sidetrack. Here he shares the inspiration behind his one-man show, A Boy and a Diva, and the divas who have inspired him throughout his life. Also, a discussion of the World Figure Skating Championships that goes completely off the rails.

    Topics include: Cool relatives that help you figure yourself out, Surya Bonaly, the Evgenia Medvedeva comeback, protecting Serena Williams at all costs, Whitney Houston, divas of hip-hop, Tyra Banks as cultural touchstone, the eternal coming-out process and more.

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    Hey, Teens! (Blankets and Sam Cooke with Rosamund Lannin)

    Hey, teens! This episode is a lot about you and how to relate to what you're going through! Journalist and fiction writer Rosamund Lannin has written for /Film, Vice, Lifehacker and more, and today she comes on to the podcast to talk about two works that helped her get through stretches of her teenage years: Craig Thompson's graphic novel "Blankets" and Sam Cooke's iconic album, Night Beat.

    Topics include: the realities and grind of day jobs, shitty boyfriends, your first romance and first heartbreak, comics and graphic novels, relating to the news in a healthy manner, why you and everyone should go to therapy (and therapy should be free and available to everyone), the particular melancholy of summer, adults and how we don't always know everything & more.

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    That's What The Gauntlet Is For (IBTFY x Beyond Queer Stories)

    It's IBTFY's first CROSSOVER epsiode! We're celebrating the new season of one of our other favorite local podcasts, Beyond Queer Stories, with a special crossover episode! BQS co-producers and hosts Dawn Brown and Ashabi Owagboriaye discuss channeling emotions through anime, growing into your queer identity alongside the old & new versions of Queer Eye & lots of other stuff.

    Topics include: The "Can Antoni Cook?" debate, the importance of queer storytelling (and everyone's favorite episodes of BQS), queer representation on Sailor Moon, a particularly upsetting Cowboy Bebop plotline, the legacy of the Real World & more.

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    Every Gay Child is a Tiny Joan Didion (Maria Tallchief & Pedro Almodóvar w/Patrick Gill)

    Proving this show contains multitudes and occasionally our guests delve into ~~cUlTuRe~~, the hilarious and generous writer, producer and comedian Patrick Gill shares stories of building a better relationship with your body from ballerina Maria Tallchief and falling in love with the world of Pedro Almodóvar.

    Topics include: Raccoons vs. opossums, our relationships with our bodies, the importance of The Firebird, Surya Bonaly (again), grand movie palaces, the loneliness and observance of gay childhood, where to start on your Pedro Almodóvar journey, the best shea butter in Chicago and more.

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    Back to Back to the Island (Hanson with Amy Trummer)

    You have so many relationships in this life, only one of two will last, and one of those is with the band you loved the most in your teen years. Artist Amy Trummer takes us on a journey through her love of the brothers Hanson, the Hanson fan community and a little something called Back to the Island.

    Topics include: The differences between each Hanson brother, Prince, Back to the Island pop culture gatekeeping, Hanson Monopoly, the "All That" revival, making friends through fandom and more.

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    The Best of Times is Now (Pride Weekend Mini-Sode)

    We did a little something different this episode! It's Pride in Chicago, so we asked some friends to share stories of LGBTQ+ media that meant a lot to them for a Pride mini-sode. What transpired was beautiful stories about Glee, Schitt's Creek, Petal, Queer Eye (old and new) and more. Also, your host has some feelings about the Indigo Girls double live album.

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    They're Good Dogs, Brent (Dog Instagram with Tori Szekeres)

    Doggos, puppers, woofers, good boys. Today's episode is all about Very Online Dogs. Chicago writer and producer Tori Szekeres shares how dogs on social media were a source of comfort and joy during a family health scare and other tough times, and why her own dog reminds her of Norm MacDonald as Burt Reynolds.

    Topics include: The American healthcare system and why it sucks, Midwesternisms, the Chicago storytelling scene, the Dog Feelings Twitter Account, Verminstagram and much more.

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    Call Me A Dame Again (Gilmore Girls with Jaclyn Barker)

    CONTENT NOTE: This episode includes brief references to sexual trauma. If you wish to avoid this subject matter, discussion begins around 16:00 and ends around 18:30.

    Pour the coffee and turn up the Carole King, it's time for our Gilmore Girls episode! Chicago comedian and storyteller Jaclyn Barker recounts returning to the comfort of Stars Hollow after the 2016 election, and how the revival impacted her.

    Topics include: Dames, Amy Sherman-Palladino, the comfort of Stars Hollow, mother-daughter dynamics, post-election fallout, why Emily Gilmore deserves the world, Paris Geller's righteous anger, fanservice vs. wish fulfillment, the Gilmore Guys podcast, link-sharing as love language and more

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